Data Mining C Level Contacts Using Lead Aggregation

WEBPRO provides advanced data mining lead generation reporting by aggregating C level contacts. Identify the company name, precise location, division, contact person and phone even if they never fill out a form on your website!

Say Goodbye to Cold Calling
When a company comes to your website, our datamining tool captures the entire company profile including employee base, net worth, locations, personnel, division, title with contact details. All of which can be imported easliy to your Salesforce CRM. Receive daily reports and cherry pick leads to call. Your data mining dashboard quickly organizes and separates between existing clients, competitors and new leads.
Your lead dashboard allows you to set an alarm on any company that revisits your website and notifies you with potential lead with an email keeping your lead hot.
Lead Generation Support

WEBPRO will walk you through our easy to use lead generation tool and continue to support you throughout the entire relationship. That’s just part of the WEBPRO experience. WEBPRO delivers the value by presenting an ROI and ROA model to our web clients. Everyone wants a return on investment but not too many web agencies provide a return on asset.

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