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The out-cry of management in many organizations declare internal web development, marketing and creative services lack "core competency."

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Skill Sets and Expense

A person hired in-house may lack the experience, repetition or access to tools needed for completing a project. Often a company will hire in-house programmers or someone within the company not knowing their true skill set. Software tools tend to be expensive. When these tools are asked for, the company who hired that person may not want to go to the extra expense, thus leaving you with a static and unproductive site or application.

What are you getting?

The value proposition is we do it all and are accountable for it all. That's less time wasted chasing six other vendors. Although we consider it a relationship and not a vendor-ship, WEBPRO performs the Web Design, Development, Marketing, Maintenance, Secured Hosting for a nominal monthly fee. We're a true extension of your business. This means we have to understand your business in order to be effective. How else are we going to deliver the strategy?

Justification Made Simple

In order for any professional organization to implement a robust intranet, extranet or secured permission-based environment, management will have to budget for a minimum 4 persons. Why not have a company like WEBPRO retained for the price of 1 solid employee?

Project Management
No one single individual commands your project. It's a group effort from concept to go live.
The delivery cycle involves a supply chain of talent which supports all project phases until final release including but not limited to content, image bank, management’s approval and organic search marketing placement.

Our task management software is an easy-to-use collaborative tool which provides you and your team direct access to progress. WEBPRO provides weekly online meetings and private live viewing access all the way through the final phase. This way you can have a solid visual of an active website before the public sees your refreshed design or new APP.
Secured Hosting

Our production servers are caged at a state-of-the-art facility in Charlotte North Carolina performance and reliability. Uptime has been no less than 99.98% for the last 22 years. Our Q&A servers are located in the same facility for project testing and client project approval prior to go-live.

WEBPRO has chosen Peak 10 as our data center partner because of the phenomenal support we've received over the years. Peak has given WEBPRO a scalable, redundant and secured infrastructure that guarantees a near 100% uptime for business class email and web services; backups preformed daily.

Business Class Email

Secure email hosting with ample storage and room to grow allows up to a 50 MEG attachment! All email is layered with virus and SPAM guard. Exchange services gives you device independence and the freedom to start one message on your desktop and finish it on your tablet!

Email services start at 5.00 per month per account and fully supported.

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Since 1994, WEBPRO has perfected Front Page Marketing that drives more qualified traffic!

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