Proper mobile design and marketing is essential to ensure that your company's website is readily available on every platform and device. Our knowledge and experience provides effective responsive mobile web design so no opportunity for exposure is lost.
Mobile Optimization
Optimizing for mobile platforms takes careful planning. Just because you have a responsive website doesn’t mean it’s mobile friendly. All collateral materials and digital assets need to be rated for sizzle as well as practicality when targeting mobile users. Mobile marketing is appreciated differently. Don't make the mistake of launching your mobile design prematurely. If implemented incorrectly you stand to lose position on Google.
Interaction Design
Determining the purpose of mobile application will dictate the ergonomics. Keep in mind that the sole purpose of any application is productivity
User Interface Design
Buttons and menus are navigation elements that will guide the user through the whole experience. This includes screen layout, accessibility to key areas and order of importance.
Usability and User Acceptance
A story board is needed to map and discuss the logical process for the end users. Gaining user approval is an important step to delivery. Getting their feedback is critical and makes them part of the team process for a successful delivery.
Screen Design
The wow factor includes key elements that make the app unique. Your logo is part of the sizzle that makes a big branded splash.
Tablet and Mobile Prototyping
Bigger is always better when displaying your application or website from a tablet. It's true we love the presentation design layer but our specialty is code. We're sticklers about structure so the devil is always in the detail. This is why concept design must come first.
Quality Assurance
Testing for consistency is part of the QA process. Software is only as good as the QA so people say and they would be right. Setting your expectations for final delivery will all depend on how clear the instruction, direction and communication channels are.

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